My greatest satisfaction at the end of each day is knowing that, through anything I said or did throughout that day, I had a positive impact on someone’s life, even a little bit.

I am, by nature, a carer or a giver, however you want to call it. I take my energy, motivation and drive from sharing with others a little bit of the knowledge I have and, hopefully someday, trully inspiring them.

In the process, though, I tend to forget about the one person that should always come first: ME. And that is not meant in a narcissistic kind of way, rather with the mentality of fostering growth and paying it forward consistently.

Unless we, ourselves, prioritize the self, how could we expect others to do it for us? And how come can we not do for us what we’d do for others, if opportunity presented itself (which one you find more suffocating: asking for a raise for you or for your employee)? Where do we find the courage, balance, rationality when others are concerned, yet want to run for the hills when we are in the front line?

Have not yet cleared the mystery, though, it is said that practice makes perfect! So practice more self-care, grow and inspire yourself.