Every morning, an overwhelmingly wave of emotions takes over me. And I ask myself, as if I doubted my own being, whether I am yearning for a long gone past or actually living in a present I fail to understand…

The answers never come, or at least not completely. But, the more I age, the clearer the picture gets. The entire process is the basic means of learning, evolving, accepting and growing up into a better me for each chapter of my life. The emotions are my mind’s struggle against this idea, for forward is rarely both greater and easier. But then, you get it: that daydreaming over a time which you found more comfortable than today’s events, is not even close to possible.

Past and present become to me parallel expressions of one’s being, never the same and never intersecting. Rewinding Yesterday is only an assessment tool, not a do over. Playing Today is the advance on Tomorrow. Play it well, and you might not need a standby button.