Remember those times back in school when after an exam we used to foresee results, saying “Oh, no… I am not gonna pass this one! Definitely, I scored very poor!”? That was superstition. Because, in the back of our minds, what we really thought was “If I say out loud that I am going to score badly, than I will actually get a great mark. Better not jinx it!”. We were so convinced that opposites attract. At least, I was…

Nowadays, though, there is this new trend, called “manifesting”, saying that whatever you can think of, if you really put effort into believing it, imagining it, it will happen to you. The Universe gives you what you think of over and over again, whether it is positive or negative. The more you think about it, the more you picture that idea with your mind’s eye, the closer you get to turning a thought into a plan and then into an action.

There’s a catch, though, going back to an old saying “Beware of what you actually desire”. Unless you are specific enough, you might end up getting something you never asked for. Say you desired more money. Life starts throwing job opportunities at you: there’s a way to make more money. Ah, but you didn’t actually want more work into the package. And that’s where manifesting gets tricky. What’s more, you never know for sure whether the next opportunity arising is what you trully want. If you say yes, you might lose the next best chance. But if you say no, you might lose this one.

My point being, there is no right or left, but plain straight forward. Shoot for what you desire and trust your instincts. Run towards them, not from them, and be the best version of yourself, manifesting or not.

Straight forward