It’s Friday morning. You get up, get dressed, drink your coffee, maybe enjoy a breakfast next to it, drive to work, get another coffee, jump from one meeting to the next, from a task to the other, drive back home, get to your usual after work nights routine, go to sleep. Get through the weekend. Repeat.

But if everything went so smoothly, with no disturbances in between, life would get so much more boring. Except for when obsessive thoughts invade your mind. That’s one way to put boredom aside. Now and then, this one thought gets hold of your mind and keeps coming at you, back and forth, up and down, getting in your way. Handling your day to day activities becomes more challenging as your brain is clouded by this obsessive thinking. Whether it’s an exam you need to pass, a recent upsetting event you keep playing in the back of your mind, or just the usual adulthood concerns, it never seems easy to let go.

There’s a way to approach them, still. First, there is acknowledgement of the thought: what is it that bothers you repeatedly and why? What actually lies underneath that obsessive thought: a weakness, a deeper struggle, an older wound, an unfulfilled desire? Secondly, there’s the action against it: can you do something about it? If the answer is “no”, than stop worrying and take it as it is. Time will take care of it. If the answer is “yes”, than stop worrying and take care of it yourself!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!