I saw this posted a few days ago on a social media profile and realized that even when not spoken out loud the question exists and there is not one person who can honestly say it’s never crossed their minds.

I took it as a challenge. While I find that the idea poses two meanings: decision wise or time related, I am referring to the latter. I began wondering what is it that I actually do from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, on those days when I lack a specific agenda. At first I thought that most of the time is wasted with useless crap. But then, after putting my thoughts in order, I realized that even when you don’t do anything, your mind remains active, searching through all of those thoughts you rarely let outside. And I believe that’s what they call meditation.

Meditation is not a way of escaping the present moment or evading reality. On the contrary, it is a means of discovering and embracing it, a way of realizing and understanding what is really worth your energy. It is the safest, most efficient tool to reconnect with your true self and ease your decision process.