I always say that writing is what keeps me going at the same pace every day, but then again, I always need real motivation to keep my writing on a steady note.

I haven’t posted in a while, yet I never stopped writing. I was just selfish, I guess, keeping it all for myself. Or, I didn’t feel confortable in going public with my disordered thoughts that couldn’t, for a while, fit in any sort of decent phrase. For the past two years my life’s been like a troubled loop, <<work-home-work-some more work>>, in which balance was just an obscene word.

Funny thing, loops are not infinite, as well as humans are not forever. When either one breaks, the other shifts the grounds. Whichever happens first, you find yourself out of the loop, with the chance of redescovering own self and starting fresh. Ideal outcome: better change the loop, than let it change you.

Passions, dreams and small life pleasures are like riding a bike. You never forget how to do it, you just postpone the moment for more practical things, yet far less fulfilling. My point being, if you find yourself in a restless loop that needs shifting, stop saying tomorrow and break this crazy cycle now!