Approaching the beginning of a New Year has never been more rewarding and insightful than the present moment. Yet, I cannot abstain from noticing the threads that paint the social media walls, welcoming it in the shadow of the past: the last walk / the last coffee / the last selfie / the last dinner / the last shopping spree / the last sugar rush / the last [… insert your favorite here] of the year, or before starting that new cleansing diet.

It’s somewhat funny, in a sadistic way, when you see the New Year’s coming as the Apocalypse Now, making “the last something” out of everything. The pressure of ticking every little box next to your Last Year’s resolutions list ends up in squeezing all the joy out of the excitement of a fresh beginning. All the rush that comes with the struggle of accomplishing anything just before that clock strikes midnight is yet another means of reminding you of the failures of this year.

So what we didn’t manage to do everything we set out for, up until now? We just had one year at our disposal; that’s like only 1.3% of our lives. The good part is that another one is knocking on the door and we should be grateful for the opportunity to continue (not start) fresh and optimistic. Be willing to see things differently.

So, I’d put it this way: here’s to the first cup of coffee before a fresher journey!

Italian Cappuccino