What if I told you that all the hard work you’re doing with the one and only purpose to reach your goals, were actually against you? 

To be clear from the very beginning, I am not saying that you should slack away. On the contrary I value hard working people, that put passion and honesty in what they do. But, most of the times what happens is that you take on more and more, in order to prove your skills and capabilities. Up to the point where there is not enough space anymore to continue pushing your limits at the high standards you, yourself have set. Then, when you can no longer reach your goals, you become a disappointment. First, to yourself, and then to others.

How I see it though, is that there is a way to turn things around. Take a break, inhale deeply and hit the pause button. Make time for yourself to think of what you have on the table, what you should act on next and what is the timeframe needed to achieve your goals. Then, prioritise, take on the tasks you need to do yourself and delegate the rest, be that at home or work. It sounds simple, but put into practice it is actually not. Why? Because it is never an easy task to clean a cluttered space, so messy that you don’t even have space to breathe. Now that’s a challenge.

Whether in life or at work, project management principles apply the same way. It’s not always about spontaneity; and, managing your personal life the way you’d do with a project is not as lame as one might think. So, my advice to you, start the spring cleaning now! Don’t wait for the summer.