Have you noticed how once you grow older you start caring less about the things that seemed so utterly important in early life? The shift between our priorities is a continuous dynamic.

As kids we didn’t know much about priorities or importancy. It was the urge, the want, the need to have that something we dreamt of, right then and there. We didn’t know about time, nor space. We just knew what we wanted and spoke it out loud, screamed until we got it. Persistency was everything.

Through highschool, toys and color books had already been packed in a box far away and we became more and more aware of what our presumably important needs are: clothes, nice looks, fancy talks, the eyes of boys. Yeah, like those could really make a difference. Who says life’s over, unless you really have that last blouse on market? Or, that nobody will like you anymore because your hair is not up tight and glowing? Well, we did.

The exact person that is now trapped into a grown up, too busy and always too late to invest time, focus and energy in things that have no role in shaping our path. Once we grow up, our priorities get twisted. We need bigger toys, and the meaning of urgent and important is either lost, or scrambled. We are lucky enough to get out of home in a sweatshirt, rather than a pijama, only because we traded that extra half hour of makeover for more sleep.