Here I was, on my last day at my first job in marketing. I had started the day in a glow, knowing I was going to end an important chapter of my life, ready to turn the page for the next story. Little did I know that day wasn’t going to end in a bliss, but with a last shot of stress and struggle to overcome on my own.

I had finished my tasks and said good-bye to my colleagues in a sweet delicious way with gaufres and Nutella. The last thing on the agenda was to hand over my laptop and office mobile SIM. And so I did. Except, in the rush of things, my personal SIM got mixed with the office SIM thus ending in the trash can.. cut in half, for it was no longer necessary…

Rushing through the DayIt was a matter of seconds with no chance at turning things back. I then realized I had lost all my personal contacts. Bummer, right? Well, things didn’t seem that awful, until I went to the store for another SIM to quickly activate my number. I got a new SIM, but since I wasn’t the owner of the subscription, they refused to activate it.

So, I called the Customer Service Line, pretended to be my mom, the legitimate owner, passed the security questions and received the confirmation that my SIM would be activated in 10 minutes. So I waited… 10 minutes, and another 10, and then another 10, until I got annoyed for their lack of professionalism.

I went back to the store for an explanation. I again told the story to the lady and asked her to check why my SIM hadn’t been activated, since “my mom” called and was assured of that. Her answer was simple: “I cannot tell you, as you are not the owner of the subscription”. I tried to be nice and explain my situation and why I desperately needed that SIM and how my mom couldn’t personally come to the store, since she’s living in another town… but with no results. The lady was so attached to “NO” like a fungus to a tree.

I asked her to call my mom herself and find a way to solve the issue, as I wasn’t going to leave the store until I knew for sure my SIM is activated. She did so, asking the same security questions I have previously answered, and activated my SIM, all in under 5 minutes! So, I ask her again: “If I may, why didn’t you activate my SIM the first time she called?” Her answer remained the same, which was the tip of the iceberg for me. I exited the store, and had it not been for the sliding door, I would have probably slammed it with anger.

As with every phone company, after “kindly attending” your requests, they do a follow-up call to check your satisfaction level. This was my final shot at understanding what the hell went wrong on the phone, that made them not activate my SIM, the first time. This time, the lady’s answer was as simple as it was stupid enough to mess with my nerves: “Your mother’s voice sounded too young for her age.” Are you kidding me? “So, not only do you imply that my mom is old, but also the means by which you analyze whether the caller is legitimate or not, are no longer the security questions, but… the sound of the voice?” That moment I snapped, and probably, for the first time in my life, I was rude to a Customer Service employee and without feeling guilty afterwards.

What I took from this insightful adventure, was that, firstly, we don’t need to rush through life. If we’ve been patientlyRushing through Life enough for quite a while, there’s no harm in waiting a little bit more to ensure things work smoothly… for us. Secondly, a lie will always come to the surface. Don’t underestimate people’s astuteness, only because they can’t read through your non-verbal communication.

Third, kindness doesn’t always give you what you need. You must be persistent and solid in your actions if you wish to achieve something. Fourth, don’t rely on people’s promises. It is only up to you to make things happen; so do a follow-up or two once in a while.

I know what I did wrong and I can only assume they are also aware of their mistake, but from the costs versus benefits perspective, I am no longer a client of theirs. So, the last piece of advice I wanna let you with, is that if you wish to avoid going through the same thing again, make a change. There’s nothing you can lose; it can only be better.