I once met this girl who was about to make a bold step in her life path without even knowing it. It was on March 1st, 2013. We were about to plunge head first, as colleagues, in the same company, same job, same challenge. Everything was new, exciting, we were learning, working and having fun. Given the timing and circumstances we landed on the same page.

Nonetheless, as with every thing in your life, time passes and you, situations, people as you know them change. And sometimes the impact is so drastical you barely recognize yourself, none the least everything around you.

We grew in a corporate world at its own pace. Things turned from new to usual and then to… unusual; from exciting to satisfactory to… meah; from challenging to stressful to challenging again to… Zestre ClothingI’ve gotta stop this.

We experienced almost the same emotions, situations, thoughts and ideas, fueled by an unsettling feeling of distraction. We began to question our purpose in the job, our contribution and direction. We lacked the sense of security and stability. The rock beneath our feet became a shaky water bed: careful where and how you step, or you might get flooded.

We became, as she likes to put it “a headless chicken”. This was the moment a decision was needed: Should I stay or should I go? We flirted with the thought for some time until one of us broke the ice.

Curious thing, though, we rarely actually spoke about this. We could barely assume what the other was thinking. As colleagues, it can be unconfortable to talk openly about situations like these, for fear you might actually lose what you have.

Zestre Clothing

In no time, though, the confirmation of our syncron thoughts was valid the moment she decided to quit being a headless chicken to follow her passion and start her own “farm”. She had an idea, long before. She made it a reality.

Now, she is the happy owner of Zestre. It is not a farm, but a start-up business, with homemade t-shirts. Ever since she took her head back, she has made a success of selling her nice t-shirts, with traditional imprinted motifs.

Freedom to wake up whenever she wants, work at her own pace, decide for herself, manager her own, and most important of all: stress free environment

What I took from this experience was the courage to accept and embrace am unpleasant situation, the persistance in following her dream and the living proof that it was worth. Follow her activity at zestre.ro.

As for me, to be continued…

Photo by Nadir Cherim Photography