It is said that if you want something badly enough, the entire universe conspires for you to get it. But, in the same time, unless you experience it yourself, you find it hard to believe it from the other people’s experiences. How can something actually happen only because you want it badly enough?

A pessimistic type of person, as I am, may rarely find herself in a situation where positive thinking outnumbers the negative thoughts that dictate one’s actions. More often than not, I am used to repeat to myself how things are not going to happen in the way I want, because I don’t believe, don’t think, don’t see them coming. Positivity“No” is the star of my thoughts. For instance, when I was in school, before or after each exam I used to tell myself that, either way, I am not going to pass it. Except I did. I believed, that a negative thinking will bring positive results, whereas a positive thinking might attract bad luck.

What I didn’t understand, however, was that every negative projection I had consciously, lowered my efforts subconsciously: I don’t have to study that hard, as I won’t pass that exam anyhow. Had I focused on a positive outcome, my efforts would have been doubled and my results improved. In time, growing up, getting a job and having responsibilities made me realize this type of negative thinking needs to be changed. It’s not like I can go and tell my boss that the business will grow, only because I strongly believe it can’t, and positive results are the effect of this negative thinking. 

Goal SettingSo, I made a purpose of learning how to change my perception and I discovered that some coaching sessions might always help, as a refinement of own desired thoughts. When setting goals it is of the utmost importance to have in mind the future, to picture yourself obtaining that what you desire. Forget about the past and everything else you lack or you dislike. As Joseph Clough himself explains it, think of your car’s GPS. Every time you set out your destination, you type in the one place you want to reach, but never all the places you want to avoid. So do the same with your personal goals: type in your destination and take careful notice of your journey. Always, but always look ahead.

Nonetheless, build your self conviction. Believe in your goals and in your power to achieve them. Inasmuch as your unconscious mind understands your inner desires and brings them to life, by showing you snippets while dreaming, in the exact same way you ought to let your conscious mind wonder freely through whatever it wants. Believe in the fact that you can work things out, believe that you will reach your goals and furthermore picture yourself as you’ve already achieved them. Self conviction has its own mysterious ways, as if you believe strong enough, than you will be motivated to act in the direction of your goals.

Once you’ve set your goals in a positive way and worked through your self conviction, all Goal Settingthat’s left is practice. Understand that every destination comes with an estimated time arrival. Be patient, but keep on practicing. The farther your destination, the more time you need. I, for one, have gone through an interesting ride in achieving my goal, with ups and downs, moments of joy and of despair, times of uncertainty, until one day I realised my approach was in the wrong direction. And so, I put a pause on my quest and began to reconsider my goals. Only after thorough analysis did I understand that my desires were in fact milestones paving the road to the bigger goal I shapedFor instance, your bigger goal should sound like “building a wall” and your milestones should be measured in the number of bricks you add, so that you end up with the highest and strongest wall.

The power of self conviction is in your hands. It is you who enables it and only through continuous, persistent actions will have a chance at reaching your goals faster than expected. Take control of your emotions, beliefs and dreams, and turn them into realities.