A few weeks ago, I discovered this simple, yet powerful little something to shake off that stress: free, at home hypnosis. For long now, I’ve disconsidered it, finding it quite manipulatory, yet unsuccessful at the same time. Wrong, from the very beginning. All negative labels that have no rational foundation.

Finding myself at a point where I could settle for almost any reckless decision, just to make an escape from the sheer disorder that tampered with my plans, I reached out for this powerful and free tool called hypnosis. I didn’t check in for an appointment, nor did I have to pay for a session outside the comfort of my home.

Instead, I downloaded the app in Google Play Store: Joseph Clough HypnosisHypnosisTens of short to medium free sessions of hypnosis and coaching are available for download in just seconds, depending on your mobile data :).

All you need to do is find a comfortable place to seat, free yourself from any other activities or thoughts that might distract you, put on a set of headphones, hit the play button and let Joseph Clough do his mojo. One podcast can last between 5 minutes to half an hour.

Either you need a good night’s sleep, a shift in mentality or a sparkle of creativity, this guy has it all. He has even a recorded podcast on the topic “Hypnosis on every issue”. There you go. Now you’ve found yourself a new relaxing activity, free of charge, that will show you the benefits of hypnosis, in no time.

Personally, I’ve tried it and decided to use it, for a couple of weeks now. I’ve skipped a few nights, though, and I have to admit that the impact outran my expectations. As it’s said, expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed. The results paid off, as I realized, in the process, that everything comes clean at the end, as long as you maintain a positive attitude and an open heart.Hypnosis

The thing with hypnosis is that all you do is to listen. You cannot talk because nobody will respond to you. But, you give yourself the opportunity to listen to someone saying nice things to you; encouraging and powerful words that will shape your overall mentality and attitude.

It will give you the power to stand up and see things from a different perspective. It will help you overcome your anxities and find that self motivation you’ve been serching for.

Next time you feel down or stuck, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Surround yourself with positive thinking and cheerful people, throw in some hypnosis, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.