When it comes to beauty, standards never fall into a consensus: looks, styles, outfits, attitudes, body. They are all subject to debate, based on culture, sex, age, profession. Beauty will never be the same for a surgeon, as it is for a photographer: different views, opposite angles, unique experiences. Each of them conveys beauty, through the work of their hands, into a label: a curse, a satisfaction or a tool.

It is said “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. And you cannot control what the others see, as their partiality is prone to debate. That’s when beauty becomes a curse for that who cannot reach the standards, forgetting that beauty is not only looks. He sees, admires and sighs for not owning that point of “perfection”, as he perceives it. Let’s face it. We are all jealous of the beauty there is in the world, in all its forms, and the curse belongs to us, for not having it. What we see gives us a jolt of joy, which later on fades away in the context of beauty’s absence. Subjectively, we build these images in our heads and the need of never again being deprived of that beauty makes us wanna steal it. We do so by a fake reenactment of beauty: starvation, excesive makeup, shopping, lying; that all turn into self infliction.

Beauty Veronica Panita

When the time comes, we look at ourselves in the mirror, witnessing the product of our creation, the masterpiece of our sacrifice in the name of art: beauty. That void once disturbing is now filled with the satisfaction of having created something beautiful, as we would like to think. And there’s nothing more satisfactory than knowing we have achieved our goal. We draw a line and conclude that the end result paid off the self infliction. But does our satisfaction compensate the losses of this cruel journey? When you balance the beauty as satisfaction with all the things you’ve been missing out on while being too preocuppied with ahieving your goal, do you still find that appealing?

Might be, when you’ve found the “recipe to success”: using your beauty as a tool to achieve your needs by all means. Smiling and angelically blinking in face of your victim to steal his approval: seducing with your armour people too naive to realize that under that costume, they might find a shallow victim of society’s pressure. Luring all those blind inocents into the hidden trap of beauty, is a Machiavelian act of indifference, which any human being or industry of any kind unveils escapelessly once they’re caught. But the story doesn’t end here, because they find the power to start all over again. After all they have the privilege to own a tool that is not meant for everybody.

Beauty is all of the above and much more. But when it comes from the inside, the resistance to any type of anihilation, is much stronger. Only then can we value the true nature of someone or something that brings satisfaction in our lives, inasmuch as our tolerance can permit it. Don’t take it for granted, strive for beauty in its most serene ways, for beauty is a privilege only a few understand.

*An article inspired by The Beauty Stealers - Pascal Bruckner.