Let’s put things straight: there is no life role model! Don’t expect anything and you won’t be disappointed, for every little thing has its own purpose. With every path of your life journey, you’re assigned a certain role model, and you never know who’s gonna be next in line, because it is not you choosing him.

From the moment we begin to conceptualize situations and transpose theories into ideas, we look up to those around us and label them as our life role model, on the premises that we resonate with their attitudes and achievements. We want to be like them, or if possible, we want to be them. We identify with what they say, how they say it and why they do what they do. We try to find reasons in their actions and we look for a sense of security towards the future. We search in them, for tips and tricks that could solve our own issues by applying the model we have borrowed from the roles these people play in their life. We project.

Role model - by Veronica Panita

And all of those searches and projections come up with results: life role model, someone who can make thinks easier by showing you the right way. When I was in school, a common homework assignment, either it was literature or foreign languages, was: “Choose a role model and explain why”. OK, but, on what basis? How do I choose him? And why only one? Now, looking back, I realize it is rather incorrect to think of one and only one person. By definition, we are unique, and we act differently, so it can be rather a struggle to find that one person who could be your life role model. It isn’t like in love, when you look for your other half. It is, by contrast, much easier, as you look for multiple parts.

With every situation, you have endless possibilities to look for your role model. Look at your left and if you like what you see try acting accordingly. Look at your right and if you disapprove of the attitude, than avoid that, and look for something else. Look straight ahead and try finding that direction that satisfies you. Always disseminate, because you know better. It’s as simple as an auction: you either take it or leave it. I have many role models, I look up to them and follow their actions or not, see what their results are as consequences to their decisions, and then choose how to do it myself. I replicate the good and remember the bad. I am the one always deciding for myself.

There will never be a consensus on what is good or bad. But there will always be as many ideas as the people around you. It is up to you which way you want to go and which role model you’ll want to follow in a certain situation. Be proactive, take action, think further!