Hey there, ROY G. BIV! Nope, no answer. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to find someone named like that, as it is not a typical name for a Romanian. Nor did I have the chance to spot a true rainbow, other than a ROY G. BIV umbrella rising from the thousands of people present at the 2015 Bucharest International Air Show. BIAS 2015, a magnificent sky painting show, with aircrafts flying from the big blue in perfect symetry and harmony, leaving behind only a shadow of dust, while decorating the sky with a glimpse of their passage there. Their echoing noise cracked the sky, making our hearts pump a little stronger, every time they made an entrance: Turkish Stars, Hawks of Romania, Baltic Bees, Jurgis Kairys, Flying Bulls. These are only a few of the pilots’ evolutions, at BIAS 2015. The rest, I’ll let you explore by yourselves.

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