The digital world is the future! Technologies nowadays provide us with endless possibilities, we may have failed to see it at a time. But now, in the middle of this revolution, we cannot miss it. Although there still remain a few non-believers behind, digital is an opportunity and a door opener.

If so, why are we afraid of embracing the digital world and firmly recognizing its added value in everything we do, from entertainment bursts to business growth? The digital transformation is not a nice to have, but a real time fact. We wake up in the morning at the sound of our phone alarms, not the desk clock; we check the news on the .com version, we buy our public transportation ticket via SMS, or book a taxi on the mobile app. Once at work, we schedule meetings on the phone calendar, while using Google Keep to note key topics of the web conference we just had via Skype. Should I go on?

Digital Speed - by Veronica Panita

Forget the dusty photo albums in the grandma’s drawer, or the sour throat after yelling in front of your friend’s house to call him outside. You now have Google Photos Album you can share with whomever you want, remotely; and WhatsApp to call up not one, but all of your friends at once. You’re too tired to tell the same story over and over again about what you did last summer? Just check-in with Facebook and everybody will get a notice in an instant. Our day to day life is stored somewhere on a cloud in the world wide web, never letting us forget about where our life journey took us. Things just got a lot easier, dind’t they?

Businesses are not that far, either. They know we are too caught up in this digital world, going on through the many screen versions. They’ve acknowledged that nowadays we don’t walk the streets with our heads up, but tilted in the smartphone’s direction so we can check up the latest news. They’ve understood that Out Of Home advertising is becoming a rather Out Of Habit expenditure, and all we see now is digital ads that pop-up on the screen right after the unlock. So, they’ve discovered new ways to catch our attention and keep us engaged. Take a look at some of the most viral successful digital campaigns of all time:

Despite a few frowned upon eyebrows, that still criticize this era, I would say we are lucky to be born in this fast moving age, witnessing all transformations in the digital world. We should be thankful for the endless possibilities businesses provide us with to enjoy life more and in a time efficient manner. Embrace digital and make it count!