It’s 6 AM, in the morning. The alarm starts ringing, I wake up and I go to the bathroom. I stare at myself in the mirror asking: Why am I proud of? What did I do yesterday that gives me motivation today? Nothing comes to my mind. And I feel that I have let myself become overwhelmed, more often than not, by the negative things going on around me, forgetting to see the bright side of things.

But acknowledging this, makes me realize how wrong I am. It cannot be that I have no answer. On the contrary, I have every reason to be proud of, every day, for not giving up. For no matter the obstacles I come across, the stress and emotions I confront with, the problems I shouldn’t even call problems, I find the motivation to keep on going. For every little thing I do, I find a reason. Life is full of challenges and no matter how hard you try to plan ahead, anticipating the future, at one point, there will still be something or someone that will deviate your path and influence your direction. I am sorry to tell you this, but it is the truth.

Motivation - by Veronica Panita

I have been thinking about this for the past few days. And while trying to find that something that makes me proud, I discovered the story of the man with no arms and no legs. Envision a body that stops at the shoulders and at the bottom, with only a glimpse of a foot he uses at its fullest potential. He was born like this. He was given the chance to live, to dare and to find his purpose in life. He succeeded. His faith didn’t stop him from having a wife, a child and a great career as a motivational speaker. Nick Vujicic is only 30 years old with so many more empty pages waiting to be filled with the story of a lifetime.

I hope Nick’s story inspires you the way it got to me. His will to find the strength of getting up every time, is our call to embrace optimism and positivity, to look ahead and see the opportunity, rather than the problem.