There are times, when one starts feeling overwhelmed with the things going on around simultaneously: personal affairs to be kept in order, a long to do list at work, tight deadlines, a social network you need to manage, family that’s always top of the list…

They all come along at once with such a speed you’d find it easier to hide your head in a whole, like an ostrich, until it goes away, hoping you’ll come across unnoticed. When these thoughts invade your mind, the pressure you put on yourself becomes so suffocating, it feels as though you need a break. You’d want to hit the pause button on your life so you can breathe easily and start fresh again.

These things happen, to me, and to anyone leading a normal life, that involves a family, career, friends, a house, a hobby, and so on. And after all the struggle you put ahead to keep these in balance, something unforseen comes along, so you become agitated, nervous and insecure, feeling overwhelmed with the need to make quick, effective decisions. You feel as though there is no solution whatsoever and the entire solar system is in retrograde, just to make fun of your looks when going around your tail for the way out.

Even if you think there is too much to handle at once, there is an easy way out: may be the door or might be the window, it can be the hole in the wall or the call of help. But you’ll never discover it, unless you take that break. Yes, you have a life, you are busy, you go to work, you may have kids, but nevertheless, you also have yourself and you need to take care of this person.

So, take a day off and take the time to plan it ahead. Do those things you’ve been meaning to lately, but didn’t have the time. Yet, don’t deal with any of the things that put you in this situation; that is not the point. Make appointments: schedule a massage, go to a coffee shop, make reservations for lunch, do some cleaning, read a book in the park, get the shopping done, plan for a vacation, even if it’s not gonna happen. Daydreaming is good. And do all of that, by yourself. Clear your mind, think about what you need, want and wish for. Don’t let anything spoil this day. And at the end of it, you’ll see how everything will be OK, because a clear mind is always better at finding solutions.feeling overwhelmed_3

If you are in doubt about taking this day off, fearing that you will miss one day you could have done so many things, I have another tip for you. Someone once told me, whenever I feel uncomfortable with a situation, I should answer myself 3 questions:

1. Will anyone be hurt because of this?

2. What will I think about this tomorrow, or the week after that?

3. What will I think about this 5 years from now?

I might not even remember it. After you get the answer to these 3 questions, think again and assess your options. Hit the pause button, take a day off from anything and anyone, disconnect from everything that blurs your mind and just find your way. The path is a lot clearer when you’ve set aside the obstacles.