We live a hectic life, which can determine us to have an unorganized lifestyle: on the hurry meals, sleep deprivation, tight schedules. But when a job comes around, that’s your wake up early call to start making small arrangements. This really organizes your week days, forcing you to have a predefined timetable, but still be able to make room for spontaneity.

This involves as well, waking up early. While most of us struggle with this burden, it is actually not that difficult to set up your clock early and actually getting up when it rings. Here are a few tips on how to make that happen:

  1. Establish a routine. Set up your alarm 5 minutes earlier, every morning, until you reach your desiredHitchhiker Through Life - Wake up early wake up hour. Make sure you follow the same routine every day, for at least 20 days, so that it will get into your habit. Try to keep the wake up hour on weekends also, even though it can be an hour later.
  2. Reach for help. Get an alarm that will actually make you wanna get out of bed. I use Alarm Clock Plus and, trust me, it works. Waking up every morning with math exercises can be a challenging way to start your day. But at least it won’t stop ringing until you’ve made the correct calculations.
  3. Find your motivation. What is it that you wanna do, but don’t have the time for it after work, or you are too tired? I like to read and write, a lot, and in the morning when I am all fresh and relaxed after a good night’s sleep, it is the perfect timing to leverage my passion. Add to this some coffee and a cigarette, and you’ll have a happier day.

When you wake up early, you accomplish much more than you would, if you’d get an extra hour of sleep. The satisfaction that comes with knowing you aren’t losing time equals the feeling of accomplishing your most desired wishes.

“Life is too short,” she panicked, “I want more.” He nodded slowly, “Wake up earlier.”
~Dr. SunWolf