Needless to say I love coffee. My story’s laitmotif remains coffee, irrespective of the revolutionary times to come. Ever since I ran into Cafe Frei, I’ve made a purpose of mapping all the remarkable coffee shops in the country, and more. So, to go on with my list, may I introduce my latest discovery.

This month, on top of my list, calmly lays, with an English accent, Kabina. This small and intimate coffee shop finds its origin in Craiova, my hometown, which every time I visit surprises me through new and inovative ways of entertaining its citizens. Kabina is the kind of coffee shop that treats every person walking into the door with multicultural flavours of the English nation: a phone cabin here, a wall clock there, a touch of red and blue paint on the walls, cleverish routes to the bathroom and some music for a little ambiance.

Adjoining the Julius Meinl concept, Kabina invites its guests to join a drink at either one of their high or low chairs, by the wall or by the window, should you have any preferences. Fear not agglomeration, as there are as many tables as ten, but as full as a football field. When it comes to the menu, you should take your time to read it twice: first, to scan all your available choices and second, to choose all that’s available. From the classic espresso to the viennese cappuccino, iced frappe or colorful latte, the coffee shop’s list suits every taste, either caffeinated or decaffeinated. If you feel like going nuts with some hot chocolate, I’d recommend you let the chocolate get the nuts and just go with it. Either black, or white, you can choose between crazy flavours, sweet, bitter or chili incentives.

The list of drinks doesn’t stop here, as there are also a few listed pages to be discovered by the tea lovers. Cocktails in all sorts of colors, alchoolic or not, are waiting for their niche to devour them. If you’ve reached the last page of the menu, and still have a hard time choosing your beverage, you might as well go for either one of the Ursus Breweries beers. Last but not least, you can indulge yourself with one of the coffee shop’s delicious muffins, which will beautifully match your coffee choices. 

My list of coffee shops remains open monthly, from now onwards. What’s your top of the list coffee shop for this month?