I am a believer. I believe that if you want to stay healthy and young, you have to lead a life with 100% dedication to good nutrition and regular workout. But more than that, you should know that the key to success is never about having to, but about wanting to. 

Thus being said, I want to achieve that level of motivation for the gym that could make me run a marathon. I want to build that kind of motivation for the gym that would turn it into a lifelong habit, in the blink of an eye. The trick is that “I want to” won’t take me to my destination. A little bit of effort is also needed: packing the stuff for the gym, walking to the gym, changing into workout clothing and finally getting on that treadmill. Specialists say all you need is 30 minutes workout every 2 days. But for every 30 minutes of workout you lose another 30′ just to get around. Doesn’t seem that much when you look at it.

Still, when you get home from work, already so tired and stressed out that you can barely climb the stairs to your own apartment, where do you get the motivation to hit the gym? I’ve already pulled the old remorse trick, as in buying the subscription in advance so that I at least work out for the sake of the money. I even found a gym 5 minutes away from home, by foot. Won’t work either. I’ve read and almost memorized all content on the benefits and long run advantages of regular exercise. Yet, not motivating enough. From what I see, the satisfaction of getting fit and being admired for that is outrun by the tiredness and an outstanding lack of appetite for the gym.

How, then? What does one have to do to trigger that motivation for the gym? Or better yet, what is a good substitute for the gym, that could still ensure me the same benefits?