Coffee, my number one hydration liquid. I am coffee lover, for as long as I’ve known myself. I disregard all recommendations, disapproving of coffee in large amounts, throughout a day. Just so you have the big picture, in my mind all I hear is “Coffee is not bla bla bla”. It all stops when I hear “coffee”. I listen to and respect those sugestions, however, I choose to follow my instinct. And my instinct tells me to enjoy coffee!

Just hearing the word, all my other senses activate into this perfect synergy: the invasive Coffee - Veronica Panitaaroma of fresh grinded coffee, the harsh taste that should never be abominated by added sugar, the way it makes me feel after the first sip, followed by tens others, making the desire persist and asking for more. Coffee is the reason I wake up early in the morning, so I can enjoy it at my own pace, in the confort of my home. It is the sole thing that makes me bare the long hours of painful meetings. The thought of hot, milk irish flavored coffee in the morning is what helps me go to bed with no worries to think over, for I know, once I’m up, I have a date with my first love: coffee.

Coffee - Veronica PanitaCoffee brings people together, helps them smile more, be more cooperative. It is the motif of social gatherings: “Let’s go for coffee sometimes”. It creates reason for taking a break. It explains the vicious habit of having a cigarette. It energizes you and boosts your mood for the gym. It keeps you awake through memorable moments. It is the sole thing you are not obliged to give up when on a diet. Coffee is the only drink that has no season. Is it cold outside? Go for some hot coffee. Is it too hot? Try the iced frappe.

Coffee is the next best companion in every moment of your life. Yet to be convinced that you need coffee more often? Try it out. Experience it in all forms, shapes, tastes, moments. How does it make you feel?