Happiness can be many things, from spending time with a friend to gaining the lottery. Some time ago, I wrote a post on how happiness is a right, rather than a choice. I sand by it, however, I am open at reconsidering some of the things that lead to happiness.

You might deserve to be happy, the world around you might be able to help you, but you can also control how to maintain your state. Happiness is not about working towards the end goal and afterwards assuming you will be happy and that’s it. This way you’ll never be satisfied with what you have, because you’ll always want more. It is in our DNA to continuously ask for more, because we evolve, and it’s normal. But what can you do to avoid this and maintain happiness even within small things?

Set up smaller goals, for one. This Ted Talk clearly explains it. It is the easiest trick one can pull for a lifetime of happiness. Make a habit out of happiness, almost like a reiterational action that will fall in the routine. Start with small steps. What made you happy today? The color of your clothes, the warmth outside, reading a funny headline, a talk you had with your friend? Write it down, think it over before going to sleep and you’ll see how the next morning it is going to be your smile that rises before the sun. Do this for next 20 days, every day before going to the bed or right after you’ve woken up and you’ll create a mindset of happiness. Surround yourself with people that maintain a positive attitude. Befriend those that are open to being happy and always emanate a spiritual energy that recharges your batteries day in and day out.

Celebrate happiness every day. Celebrate the international day of happiness today. Join the movement!