Friendship is the one thing we continuously search for in others. We meet, we get to know each other and we click. Friendship that clicks is not earned, but owned. I know… it is rather a bold thing to assume, when we know nothing is for granted. But I invite you to discover more.

Throughout life, I have come across many people: acquaintances, buddies and friends, but only a couple of them who clicked. It’s not that the people I know are not worth in the friendship pile; but once you’ve discovered the true meaning of the word, it becomes hard to ask for something less than you could get. True friendship is when two people click instantly, without even knowing it. It pops out when you need it the most, because every little thing in life happens for a reason. By now, dear reader, you might be appalled by my daring assertions, but bear with me and I shall tell you my story on friendship.


If I searched through my phone book, I would probably find over 400 contacts, looking something like this. How did I come across that 0,5%? I did not move one single muscle, except for a handshake, for what was supposed to turn into the friendship that clicks. The other “half”, although it is rather a third, happened to come across a big change in her life. The first moved out of her hometown into the big city and joined college. The latter decided to move forward and embrace a new and better job opportunity. Friendship clicked in the same dreading circumstancesthe long hours of hard and stressful work to prove you’re worth the effort. Pain does bring people together. Again, I didn’t search for it; I just happened to be there and friendship clicked.

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.”

Hubert H. Humphrey

Along time, we discovered each other; sharing our lives, every worst and best moments, every fear and sad experience, every goal and hidden wish. We bear with each other, because that’s what friendship means. We steal a few minutes now and then to talk and listen to each other. But we lack the quality time together, which is never too kind with us. You might wonder whether this can lead, as usually happens, to the ending of the friendship. But this is the beauty of it.

When two people are so alike they even share self thoughts, time is not an issue anymore. Because you know that somewhere, there is this person who will not judge you, nor blame you for not having enough time. Because, the power of a friendship that clicks is so big, it sticks in such a way that words are not needed any more. You just watch and understand. Give it a try and discover friendship that clicks!