Have you ever noticed how each time the weather takes a turn on its state our mood adjusts as well? I have come across a handful of people who feel the sunny or cloudy days, so intensely, it changes their mood, either positive or negative. I, for one, am one of these people.

Mood is different than feelings, emotions, personality or traits. That explains how sunny means productivity, while cloudy equals hibernation, or the other way around. And most of the time I strive to defeat the latter, irrespective of the impact it has on my mood. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m successful, but persistent. Six months a year I live my life at its fullest: smile, dance, travel to all sorts of places in the country; whereas, the other six I completely ignore and plan for the spring. It’s amazing how much a season can influence your mood. It’s like we don’t even live half of our life. Which, in fact, is even worse than sleeping through it.


We switch moods like the wind changes directions: from the joy of eating a cake to the sadness of a heartburn. We are not bipolar, but human beings with a conscience of our own. Every cloud has a silver lining, they say. So, maybe, the six months of almost darkness are actually meant to recharge our batteries and make us stronger for the spring to come. Getting closer to the season of rejoice and life, I start to think that cloudy weather is rather a test of life. It is a means of seeing how much of it we can pull through, how well we can face the dark side of the weather, so that life knows what further development path should it plan for us.

But until we are able to see its unveiling, I propose we embrace spring, that is just around the corner, and make the most out of it, because there’s never a better time to enjoy it, like the present. Control your mood: change your behavior, sleep weel, complain less and smile more.

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

Anthony J. D’Angelo