Success Unchained

Success… We’ve met before, I’m sure, but I must have had blurry eyes, as I didn’t quite see you. Or, I’m wrong, and it was just your brother, Ha-Ha.

How do you define success? But most importantly, when? When can one say ‘Evrika! I got it!’? Difficult to say, as success means so many things for just too many people. Could it, then, be money, or fame? Could it be in your 20s, or your 50s? Is it genetic, inherited, or catchy? We’re all searching for it, for the recognition it brings along and the satisfaction we’re yearning for. But, most often than not, we wait for it, and wait some more, and then again, until boredome sets in and we forfeit.

Success Unchained
Success Unchained

Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell‘s success stories of people around the world debates the origins of one worldwide goal: success. Its premises and case studies suggest that success, first of all, means research. As in, everyone should be born twice. First, to read, research and understand what success means, where it comes from and how can you achieve it. The second time, to apply all you’ve learnt in your previous life so that you achieve your set goal. The book is as disheartening as it is empowering, but once you caught it, you won’t let go.

So, where does success come from, after all? It’s all about the chance, the circumstances, the revolutionary era you are born in, the people that stand by you, the cultural differences you need to overcome, the sttuborn society you must defeat, the risk you have to accept, the generations that lie behind you. It is about courage! And maybe then, you’ll get to own such view.


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