Discover Creativity

Most times we are inclined to perceive the corporate world as a perpetuate stonehenge era, which no creativity enhancer would be able to crack. But don’t understimate it, because in the lesser known times, it can also be full of surprises, which dazzle you to the core. Brainstorming is the easiest way to get professionals out of their shells and right into the universe of possibilities. Here are some steps to guide you through achievement.

#1 Location
If you want to squeeze imagination out of them, than don’t squeeze them into a gray, boring, meeting-reminder room. You sure have some alternatives: a training room, a pub, the cantine, the grass in front of the building.

#2 Energizers
They sure know each other, so skip the icebreakers and jump right into some energizers. Make them move. Anytime. Movement stimulates creativity, while also being good for your health.

#3 Sharing
Building on the other’s idea is a proven success. Ask them to share through simple group exercises, either written or verbally. Trigger discussions, but try not to divagate to far away from your topic.

#4 Selection
It might be difficult to choose by yourself between all the generated ideas. Set up a group discussion, pile up the ideas together, and make the decision a common agreement.

If you want people to think out of the box, remember it’s you in the driving seat. From time to time, challenge them with warm-up activities outside your topic. Don’t limit their focus on one thing only.

#6 Genetics
Creativity is an innate thing, even if you might not notice it. To some it’s just out there, while for others is rather latent. Help your peers discover it, by ensuring 100% participation.

#7 Openness
Remember that the key to any successful brainstorming session is the driver. The outcome is up to you. So mix things up, don’t stick to this set of steps only, as these are only experienced key learning points that add up to a long list. Make your own and share it. That is actually why there is no specific number in the headline.

Funky Lentils
Practice. Smile. Be limitless. Be energetic. Be yourself!