The Mortal Kombat of Foods

This post is not a recipe, nor is this blog a cooking site. But every now and then, even the most rigurous dieters slip outside their norms, overindulging in “No-No” foods at night. If you can easily forfeit in front of a chocolate bar, why won’t you do it in front of a guilty pleasure such as writing about the one thing you’ve never considered to fit into your blog: food?

Whether it is the job influence or my constant obsession over healthy nutrition, in the past years I’ve been exposed to so much information on nutrition, that I could turn it into a Do’s and Don’ts Bible of Foods. One of the most important things you should always remember, no matter the regime you’re on, is the sugar issue. Either you have it, or you don’t. Sugar is bad for you, they say, as in the experts. Excess sugar consumption, or just, sugar consumption can dramatically distort your self image. At least, that is the end result, if we skip the in-between parts, such as weight gain, diabetes, obesity, hyperactivity, tooth decay, addiction, etc.

None of these matter though, because we still crave it any time of the day. And what satisfies this craving at the end of it? Chocolate. Why? Because of its chemical composition consisting of serotonin and dopamine. These two magic wands trigger our good spirit state, keeping depression away. As a bonus, if consumed at night, it also helps you sleep tight after a full agitated day.

But, what if, after a shitty day at work, or just a day, you come home and there’s no chocolate to raise your moral? Where do you get your “feel good style” from? JAM. Any type of jam will do it. And, what if the one jam you have is as sweet as it could make your teeth fall out? No problem. Throw in a salted cheese and you’ve got yourself a Mortal Kombat of Foods, the perfect late night snack, which will most definitely wash away the bitter taste of a cloudy day, and will tuck you in as well for a night full of happy dreams.

Have a go, stop complaining about the traffic jam, and try the blueberry one.

The Mortal Combat of Foods
Jam and Cheese