Lasts only 3 years…

…as Frédéric Beigbeder once said. In his well-known novel, Love Lasts Three Years, he quotes: “The first year you buy furniture. The second year you move furniture. The third year, you divide it.” Love is not enough. For one’s relationship to last beyond this ardently desired feeling, one must find his missing half. Two individuals are like two pieces of puzzle who become one, only when their shapes match perfectly. Or, as Plato more philosophically explained it through the Androgyne Myth, this split in half species is walking the earth with a soul purpose: to find its better half.

However, most relationships rise up from the immediate born passion between the two, that in time grows into a beautiful love, which later on vanishes like it never was. Why? Because love is a disease which inexplicably strips one of its most essential senses: sight. When two people love each other they overcome their flaws, forget their mistakes, pretend not to see the annoying things that bother them beyond tolerance. Love imprisones you in this dark room where everything is perfect only because you cannot see it. And what you don’t see can’t hurt your eyes, can it? But, when one sense is taken away the others strengthen. The passion silently dims out, the love strives to survive, and you suddenly hear better the different voices you speak, feel more intensely the distance that lies between, taste the bitter flavors of your interactions, smell the imminent approach of a fall.

And then, the cold bars of the dark chamber slowly strip down, a shy light unveils the room, and your sight becomes clearer. You begin to see. To understand that love, as beautiful and empowerful as it is, can make you numb inasmuch as it makes you happy. Still, when numbness takes control over your entire body, you realize it is YOU who must gain it back, no matter the pain it brings along. Because, it will always hurt more, both of you, the stubborn clinging to a faded future.

Love Is Not Enough