How to Handle It

The thing is I have yet to discover this. It happens that I am an introvert person with huge consideration for others. Add this on top of a task-oriented personality and you’ll get a crowded package of over stress and remorse, too difficult to handle.

With every harsh decision-making situation, I fill up like a boiling pot, until the moment it bursts. Then, what do you do so you can go through your daily tasks without obsessing over and over again about the same topic and not be able to concentrate? It could be that you just ignore it, but then you are only hiding from the issue. Or, you could just tackle it up front and get it over with, quick like a bandaid. Still, when that’s your plan you start obsessing over that. How will it go? What are the consequences? It is a vicious cycle you cannot escape. It is like a scary big book you cannot read unless you open it.

So, my advice is like this. If your burden is too difficult to manage, let it out, speak up or write it down. Let the air or the paper absorb your problems, so you have less to worry about. Write down positive and negative effects. Focus on the positive, they’re always more appealing. Picture an action plan for each of them. Than read it over and over again, until you’ve realised that there are no problems, but only solutions. The only challenge is to be able to find the most creative, practical and convincing one. What’s left? Start doing it. Once you’ve done that you are one step closer to reaching your goal, that is to leave out stress, and enjoy your bright life, even if it’s been 31 days with no sun, here, in Bucharest.

I cannot guarantee it will work, as I cannot guarantee you will actually try. But let me know how it works for you.