It is said happiness is a state of mind, a choice of your own. Laugh and the world will laugh back at you. Just the other day I saw this video and it made me think. If I choose to smile will that make me feel happier, even though deep down I’m a mess? Doesn’t it matter also for the world to laugh as well? It should… Otherwise, it would be like I had my own clean space in a pile of garbage; or a rainbow clothing sorrounded by black suits.

I don’t believe a smile makes you prettier when everything around you stinks. If we like to believe so, we’re only fooling ourselves. Me for one, I don’t buy it. People who think a forced smile makes the day, they’re only blind, refusing to see anything but their own clean space. From my point of view, this is where the choice lies: between understanding reality, trying to change it and refusing to see reality, accepting the unfortunate things. Why won’t people see that happiness is not a choice, but a right? And, that sometimes it depends on the world not on the individual, just because that’s how life works. It is not fair, nor right, but challenging.

So, I challenge you to consider whether smile, and the happiness that comes with it, is a choice or not.

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