Fear of Failure

Why do we fail? Why do we find it difficult to meet set goals within deadlines, on a personal level? The exact answer, I don’t know. It may be the inexplicable barriers, time (the ever used excuse),  financials, or even the fear of failure itself. Let’s be aligned on one thing, though, that it’s us. When we make a promise to ourselves it’s up to us to make it into a fact. How? Stay with me a little longer and I’ll tell you.

In the era of fast forward, we rush through life like there’s always a tomorrow, without Transalpinarealising it is not wise to take time for granted. We grow up, we become older, not necessarily wiser, and we postpone. There’s always something more urgent or easier to accomplish, than our goal. Spring is comming. We prioritize according to our state, not to our desires. When, in fact it should be like this: What do I want? To be happy. Summer plans are in order. So, what do I need to achieve that? To reach my goal. Leaves are brown, first signs of fall. But how do I do it? Well, first I need to clear my agenda finishing all the other things I need to do, but are not urgent. Than I have school, or work to do. I want to do it now! It’s just that… Did you see the snowflakes outside? That’s right. By the time you realize it, you’ll have accomplished nothing, because you never really intended that. There are always things more important and urgent, but there will always be your goal gathering dust. There will always be a tomorrow, but there will never be a today like yesterday. Time is never on your side.

So, I’ll tell you what. When you want to reach for something, set a deadline and make a promise to yourself. Then, make the same promise to a friend or anyone willing to help you keep it. Establish some key milestones and rewards to motivate you. Ask him or her to give you constant reminders on each of them, and then the final call when the deadline is set. Then, just start doing it! Otherwise, you’ll postpone it for the next day. It’s like when you’re on a diet. You’re always starting on tomorrow, because today is compromised anyway.

As for myself, I’ve done that, a few times, and I promise you it works. Disappointing yourself is nothing compared to disappointing those who trust you. Try it and follow-up. I’m curious.