Tattoo me a story

We go through life experiencing things like happiness, love, disappointment, excitement, pain… feelings that, deep down our souls, leave a stamp. Some we like to remember, some we want to relive, but others we want to forget. And, no matter how hard we try, we cannot skip the fact that these very things made us who we are today.

Denial, refusal, rejection, disapproval, hate are the ones that make us go through a lot of pain, but in the same time, these make us stronger, powerful, immune to the challenging trials of life. And then, why should we want to leave them behind? Because it hurts. And because sometimes the pain is stronger than what we can take of it. This is the time when you choose between forgetting or accepting, giving up or compromising. So, when you’ve finally accepted that even painful experiences are part of who you are, it’s time to compromise. You’ll keep remembering, but don’t think of it as something that made you go through hell, but as something that made you into a winner. The bright side of things is always more reviving. How do you do it then?

I found a solution which I have never considered before. facebook_1415942901565During one of my travelings outside the country, I started considering alternative ways that can make me forget the so-called bad experiencies, but still remember the fortunate outcome. And what better way than a tattoo to state your emotions? Some may think of it as an extreme resort, but I believe this is the most personal way to mark the crossroads in your life. It’s a means of telling your story without actually verbalising it. I find tattoos as some kind of modern art embraced in controversy. It’s amazing how one small graphic design can raise so many questions and unveil so diverse opinions. In less than no time, you’ll see how people around you create their own stories about you, just by looking at the tattoos, and this will reveal those personal unique experiences from different points of view. You’ll forget the feelings, but you’ll be reminded, constantly, about the strength they’ve empowered you with. Remember, only, it takes time.

Tattoos never say “Outcast”. They say what you want them to say. It’s yet another way that guarantees freedom of speech, even when you can’t shout out loud. It’s just another means of choosing your own, even when you have few options. It’s your own way to relieve the pain when there’s no one to listen. It’s you.