Take a break!

It is only recently that I started to befriend my blog again and fill its virtual pages with meaningful written words, more or less. I was at a point where I was even feeling embarrassed doing that, exactly like making a phone call to a friend you’ve long seen.

But, to scare away this remorse, I did some research before, on other similar blogs, in the country and outside of it. While some of them go to serious efforts to post something of broad interest, some simply enlist their thoughts and views on life. Both are sources of inspiration and both breathe a sense of liberty that comes with the freedom of speaking out loud freely. What else do they have in common? The very beginning of this post.

It’s almost like a trend, for every blogger who starts writing, at some point to take a break, before deciding to give up or to revive its stories. Why does this happen, I wonder? Well, most come up with the excuse of time. This is indeed an issue, but not one without solution. You need time to do something for yourself, something that makes you happy and alive? Than, you make time for that! The same way you do for your family and friends, for people you don’t even know that well. You can always finish up a meeting with a friend 10 minutes earlier than planned. And if you have a sense of remorse in doing that, don’t think of it as lesser quality time spent with your friend, but more spent with you.

Your Time by Veronica Panita

You need time to disover yourself, the world around you, to learn new things, to browse for new ideas and topics for you blog, or any other passion you have? Than, make that time for you. Yes, there’s only 24 hours in a day. If only there could be 25. Like that would solve the issue… Nobody will give you time unless you request it. You’re on your way to work and probably spend a lot of time in traffic, especially if you live in the capital city. Take my advice and skip the car, if you’re driving one. Take the public transportation instead. It will gain you some time. It might look hard at the beginning, because you’ve already fallen in a routine, but it will get easier, with practice. And, next date you’ll need to leave 10 minutes earlier, it won’t be like stealing time from your friend, but stealing it for you.

Remember that time means money, and it’s your call how you spend it. Think of it this way: with every extra minute you spend in your car, in traffic, you lose 1 RON. Or, with every extra minute you spend with your friend at a coffee shop, you lose again 0,25 RON, because you need to have a drink. But with every minute you spend by bus, or with every minute leaving earlier, it will be like that 1,25 RON never left your pocket. And guess what? You’ve also gained 300 words worth a post.

“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.”

Charles Buxton