Traditional Romanian Wedding

Wedding ringsWhen was the last time you attended a traditional Romanian wedding? Whether it was yesterday or decades ago, nothing much has changed, except, perhaps, for the length of it. From the venue to the last piece of cake it still remains one of the most deliberately instruments of torture… for women, at least.

Imagine only those 15 cm high heels jumping for minutes in a row in the so called “sarba” with their bellies full of “sarmale” and “mamaliguta”. It is kind of difficult though to realise if you are at a wedding, or in traffic at a stop light, with all those red, orange and green things flying around the dance floor. Cannot say the same for men, however; I’m talking chess parade here. Regardless of the aestethics of the situation, we have a fine selection representing the power sex, combining doctors, mayors, engineers, famous singers, economists, gamblers maybe… And now I ask you, that Maseratti in the parking lot was it yours, or maybe yours? Rethorical question, don’t mind me. Focus on the bride and groom who launch the dance floor with what seems to be the shooting for their new single as a married couple. However, their faces in excitement, along with their full-hearted body movements, most likely gave goosebumps to every single guest in the ballroom.

Fish dish

Lights on, band on positions as 12 pawns are doing the “food walk”, with a plating à la Master Chef. And right before midnight, the fish is served, the bride is gone. Well, yes! Stealing the bride is quite a challenge when there are 250 other guests planning the same. The auction starts out with God knows what; either the negotiation is confidential, or the sound system very poor. But, as every fairy tale has a happy ending, 15 minutes later the bride is back in the groom’s arms. How it all began? With a one man show. It’s a must for every traditional Romanian wedding to have it’s very own entertainer, that guy who encourages everybody to drink, laugh and dance, but he needs to remain the main focus of the party. While for this man is art, for all the others it remains a mistery how he manages to round the tables like a ninja and still keep its energy for the “Brasoveanca”. 

Aurrum BallroomNow, if we’re still discussing Romanian traditions, let’s not forget the long-waited tossing of the bouquet. Catching the bouquet is supposed to confirm the lucky winner her future marital status. That is how we explain the cat fight, and how, for a few moments, the dance floor turns into a boxing ring. Nowadays, though, nobody seems to be interested in foreseeing the inevitable outcome anymore, and girls need to be dragged to the floor, only so the guests can enjoy the show.

The traditions’ list could probably go on forever, as there are so many more things we could debate about. However, we shall resume here, in the 21st century, when although Antonia & Alex Velea are the sexiest couple singer alive, we still bang our heads on “Pusca si cureaua lata”.

All in all, it was a mixture of feelings and states of mind, combining emotions, tiredness and happinness. After all, weddings are fun, no matter the point of view from which you judge them. Thank you, C&V, for giving me the inspiration!