It is rather seldom that I happen to run into a place worthy of debate. Yet, just the other day I spotted a NEW open place in Bucharest, which if I had to summarize in just a few words, it would go something like this: “Shall we give it another try? Eh…” 

Well, it all started with just another review article, which made you wanna be there at the moment of reading it: unheard of lemonades, unique vegetarian food, perfect placement… exactly what you needed after an exhausting work day. Worth checking it out, so why not refresh yourself with an exotic lemonade to cool those summer days? 

We enter this Lokal, hosted by a natural, silent garden, next to a not so crowded street, and take a sit at a table. Grolsch branding wherever you look. We wait for about 5 minutes until it hits us: the order placement was at the bar. We ask for one of those famous lemonades, only to realize how unlucky we were to hit the place when they were out of lemons. We go instead for a homemade ice tea served in a 500 ml jar. Cool thing, by the way. As for the food, a lentils burger, picked up from the list of food options written on a chalkboard, sounded healthy and delicious. 

We return to our table looking forward to enjoy the famous burger. And while we wait for it, we dive into a selfless conversation, that makes us forget the passing minutes, 60 to be more accurate. One hour later, caring for the fact that our dinner was yet to come, I head for the bar to see what’s taking so long. One burger was ready, while for the other one they were probably still in the process of planting the lentils. Being promised it will not take longer than 10 minutes we decide to wait. And so, for another hour, every 10 minutes a girl, whom I assumed was the owner, kept visiting us every 10 minutes to ensure us the burger is still coming.

Two hours later, still starving and tired from the waiting we decided it’s time to leave. We pay for what we’ve ordered and received, and cancel on the long-lost burger. Along with the deserved apologies, the bartender adds an insecure invite at the big opening, the day after. Yeah, right!

All in all, insightful experience I’d say, which can only give you one lesson: tolerance. But at the end of it, I still ask myself how much of it is enough?

Lentils Burger