Coffees of the World

Discover them at CAFE FREI

How many times have you struggled to discover the best coffee in town? The answer might be too many, if you’re a heavy coffee drinker. I, for one, have had the chance to taste some of the best and worst coffees in Bucharest, with no success at the end of day.

Apparently, I was only 300 km and 4 hours away from the best coffee shop in the country: Cafe Frei. Part of an international coffee house, you can find this amazing place in the heart of Miercurea Ciuc, a city not so promising at first sight, yet so surprisingly generous with its tourists. You feel luck is on your side when, searching for a place to enjoy your coffee morning as a tourist, you take a turn at the next stop and there it is: a lovely little terrace just waiting to be admired by its visitors. I took a sit, open the menu and let the coffee adventure begin. With such a wide variety of coffee choices from all around the world, the only thing that crosses my mind is to order anything there is in the menu and enjoy it like there’s no tomorrow.

Cafe Frei

So many different names, shapes, colors, tastes, aromas and cultures invaded you with every breath you took… all in one single little place in Romania: Cafe Frei. Even the name itself has this unique exotic vibe translating into a curiosity for the coffees of the world: american, arabic, italian, french… One thing’s for sure, once you enter Cafe Frei, the scent of fresh roasted coffee invades you and from that moment on you feel as though you stepped in to the “coffee kitchens” of the world.

Cafe Frei

Cafe Frei

Cafe Frei

If you dare take this experience further and linger a little more on enjoying your coffee, than a cake would be the perfect extra topping. Chocolate, strawberry, coffee tasting like… you name it. A never-before-encountered-taste is that special something that will make this experience memorable. You just can’t resist it. The only regret you have after leaving this place is knowing you cannot wake up every morning enjoying the various tastes and senses of Cafe Frei.

Cafe Frei


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