Passion through Music

We all know how touching and revealing music can be, and how we find peace and happiness beyond lyrics. We are all different and because of that our music preferences could and should never be aligned. We listen to rock when we are sad to become more energetic, or to blues to deepen our suffering even more, depending on our souls.

I was never a fan of music when it came to hard feelings, mainly because of two reasons. The first one imposed guilt, feeling that I couldn’t afford listening to cheering music in moments of sadness and grief. The second one meant more suffering, in which case going for a sad collection of lyrics would only mean self punishment. Either way, music is only a means to linger on your pain. It may work for some, but it might fail for many more others.

Country Theme by Veronica Panita

Nonetheless, when you are at a crossroad, with your heart almost in your hands, and your eyes too misted to even see the way forward, I would still choose music instead of other reckless things to soothe the soul and clear the path. And it’s not any kind of music, no. It’s all about country music, a pleasant way to experience pain from inside out, until it becomes a better-keep-locked memory, which I admit, will keep on following you some time from now, like a headache. Not permanent, but from time to time you still need to be reminded of the things that caused your pain, that made you a human being at the end of the day.

Country music usually tells a story; what kind of story doesn’t really matter. What really cares is the fact that, if you put together a playlist, you will create your own storyboard, almost like an autobiography. And you will then see the meaning behind every sound, every lyric and every word. Life will open up to you like a book who’s been dying to be read as soon as possible. This is what country music offers you: an open minded perspective on life, irrespective of that recurring headache. It won’t heal you completely, as there is no cure yet for such pain, but it will most definitely treat you and change your perspective on life.

Try it out and create your own storyline!